i just wanna jam
i cum so hard while hurtling through space toward a decommissioned space station
touch me
about me
hi im fausto
i am a space man

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I feel this in my soul
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I feel this in my soul

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FACT OF THE DAY: the dc in washington dc originally stood for “da capital” but abraham lincoln thought it was unprofessional and changed it

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i’m really sorry to everyone who i’ve ever been a piece of shit to. my own arrogance and pride never took the moment to realize what i was doing, so i am sorry. i’m a better person now (i like to think) and realize that if my friendship is not what you want, then i understand.

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i will support my transgender homies until the end of time

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every second seeing her agonized and confused face caused my heart to break into bigger and bigger pieces.

when i realized she didn’t see two fingers, but three, i broke.

tears leaked down my cheeks as memories of my childhood flooded my mind.

this was not the woman who raised me.

this was a confused child waking up in an adult body.

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me: *sees dog*
me: *forgets what im talking about and points out dog*
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